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We provide relocation services and help you with the process. Our experts will guide you in detail how you can acquire proper documentation to reside and work in Netherlands and avail opportunities to grow. 

Recognized Sponsor

In order to hire highly skilled migrants, the Dutch company needs to be a recognized sponsor with the IND.
The first step is to become a recognized sponsor. This process will take approx. 3 months and the IND leges/costs are € 1963

– for companies with less than 50 employees.

These costs will be paid upfront to them, otherwise they won’t make a decision.
We can assist with the application for recognized sponsor and the costs are € 500,- excl.
After approval of the recognized sponsor, you are able to hire highly skilled migrants.

Residence Permit

The highly skilled migrant needs to receive a work/residence permit in order to work in the Netherlands. The IND is able to take 3 months’ time to make a decision. In general an answer is known within 6 weeks, but this is no guarantee.
We can arrange this application and the costs will be € 1350,- excl. VAT. If also his partner(family) want to come to the Netherlands, we can arrange this application too. Our costs for that family application is € 750,- excl.
The IND has gross salary requirements for highly skilled migrants which needs to be meet:
Expats younger than 30 years: € 3299,- excl. 8% holiday allowance, bonus etc.
Expats with an age of 30 and older: € 4500,- excl.
The IND charge leges and this is different per situation. In general it will be € 285,- per highly skilled migrant.
IND leges for the partner will be € 171,- and for a child under 18: € 57,-

30% tax rule

As you might already know, the 30% tax rule is a tax benefit for employees coming from abroad. Employers are allowed to provide 30% of the gross salary, tax-free. In other words, the full Dutch taxable salary is reduced to a 70% taxable salary. This means that a maximum of 30% of the salary will not be taxed. As of 2019 the duration of this special rule will be shortened from 8 to 5 years.
We can arrange the 30% tax rule application for € 350,- excl. VAT.

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