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EMPLOYEE: TECHROBOTA.BG LTD __________________________________________     DATE: ___________________________ PLACE OF RESIDENCE:   HOTEL METROPOLE WEESPERSTRAAT 61-105: _________________________________________________________________________________      Mt. Vernon Trailer Park:  Parking Spot # MAAIVELD 1-60_______    Size of R/V: ______ ft.    AMPs Needed: __________                 CHECK IN DATE: _____________________   ANTICIPATED CHECK OUT DATE: ____________________                      MONTHLY RENT: $ ___________   SECURITY DEPOSIT: $ __________ (deducted from 1st paycheck) MONTHLY UTILITIES: $ __________ (Heat, water, electric, trash)                                                                                             DATE OF HIRING AGREEMENT: ___________________________
Corrington Enterprises provides housing or mobile home parking for its’ employees only.  Housing or mobile home parking is provided at a greatly reduced rate as an incentive to obtain and keep quality and loyal employees.  Monthly rent and utilities will be deducted from your paycheck during the first two pay periods of the month.  Partial months will be prorated accordingly.  By signing this agreement you are authorizing ‘TECHROBOTA.BG’, LTD to make these deductions from your paycheck.
Housing units are furnished with basic furniture (bed, table, chairs, kitchen appliances, dishes, pots, pans & utensils).  You will need to provide bed linens and towels.  The units do not come with TV, stereos, telephones, microwaves, or coffee makers.  Telephone & cable TV hookup may be available at additional charges.
Mobil Home parking is provided with water, sewer, electricity and trash pickup at a nominal charge for each parking unit.  Telephone and in some instances satellite TV hookup are available at additional charges.  Additionally, the Mt. Vernon mobile home parking facility is furnished with an enclosed public telephone, enclosed employee clubhouse and a coin operated laundry.  Workampers are responsible for keeping the trailer parking site and other provided facilities free of debris, pet waste and etc.  Individual parking sites left in poor condition at the end of the season may subject the Workamper to a deduction from their end of the season completion bonus.
SECURITY DEPOSIT:  Dependent upon final inspection of your housing unit, the $150.00 security deposit will be returned.  All security deposit refunds will be made at the end of the season once all employees have vacated housing.  All security deposit refunds will be mailed to your permanent address unless other arrangements have been made with the General Manager.  Upon vacating housing, there will be a checkout conducted by the General Manager or his appointee to determine the condition of your housing unit.  Each employee will be responsible for his/her housing unit, which will include their own bedroom and the accompanying common areas of kitchen, bath, porch and yard.  Housing / parking site must be left in the same clean condition as found when you moved in to be eligible for return of security deposit and to be considered for housing / parking site the next season.
INSPECTIONS:  Inspections of Corrington housing may be periodically scheduled throughout the season.  Notices of dates will be posted in advance.  Management will be inspecting for damage to furniture, fixtures, and/or structure as well as general cleanliness.  Poor conditions of housing during these inspections will result in a warning and possible eviction.
REPAIRS:  If your Corrington housing unit requires any maintenance (ie. leaky pipes, faulty appliances, etc.) contact the General Manager to file a work order for the repairs.
GUESTS:  If you live in Corrington housing, any overnight guests must be made known to the General Manager.  A fee of $50.00 per night will be required from each guest (or deducted from employee’s paycheck) with a maximum stay of 3 nights.
SMOKING:  All Corrington housing units are non-smoking.  Smoking may be done on porches but receptacles for cigarette butts must be used.  No butts should be found on porches, sidewalks, or yards.
Amended on 1/15/2008

ALCOHOL & NARCOTICS:  Moderate consumption of alcohol is allowed in Corrington housing only by those 21 years of age or older.  Drunkenness and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated on Corrington properties.  No illegal narcotics of any kind are allowed in Corrington housing, trailer parks, porches, or in yards.  Detection of any illegal drugs will result in immediate eviction and loss of security deposit.
WEAPONS:  There will be no rifles, handguns, crossbows, assault weapons or large knives allowed in Corrington housing.  Any violation of this policy will result in the immediate eviction and loss of security deposit.
EXTERIORS OF HOUSING:  No Corrington housing furniture, fixtures, utensils, dishes, etc. are to be removed from housing or left outside.  No personal items such as clothing, backpacks, bar-b-que grills etc. are to be left outside of Corrington housing units.  All trash is to be placed in the trash receptacles provided.
ASSAULT OR FIGHTING:  Any instance of assault – physical/sexual/other – or fighting, on Corrington Enterprises premises will result in the immediate eviction of those involved the same day as the occurrence and will result in loss of security deposit.  Immediate notification will be provided to the proper authorities.
NOISE CURFEW:  No loud music, yelling, or other disorderly conduct will be allowed after 11:00 PM in employee housing or trailer parks, which includes all common areas, porches and yards.  Fellow tenants should not be able to hear sounds from your unit.  Please be respectful of other tenants as well as neighboring homes.  Warnings may be issued resulting from complaints.  Repeat offenders will be evicted.
AGE CURFEW:  The City of Skagway maintains a curfew of 11:00 PM for those less than 18 years of age.  No visitors under that age are permitted in Corrington housing after 11:00 PM.
PARTIES:  A party is defined as a maximum group of 6 persons other than the residents of that specific housing unit.  A 2-day advance notice of a party must be turned in to the General Manager for authorization.  The stipulations of alcohol and narcotics use, as well as the 11:00 PM noise curfew, stated above will remain in effect for all parties.   Please maintain the noise level as well during times before the curfew in respect of other homes in the neighborhood.  Owners and/or management have the right to break up a party at any time.
PETS:  No pets or other animals or pet sitting is allowed in Corrington housing or on any other part of the housing property (i.e. Yards, porches, etc.).  Workampers with pets are responsible for keeping pet(s) on a leash when outdoors.  Pet owners are also responsible for cleaning any waste or refuse created by pets at the trailer park property.  Although interference with domestic pets by animals in the wild is not a frequent occurrence, it is wise to not let pets out alone during the day or night.
BICYCLES:  No bicycles are to be stored inside of Corrington housing units.  Bike racks are provided for each housing unit.  We recommend that you purchase a chain and lock to secure your bike to a rack when not in use.
KEYS:  Keys are for individual use and may not be duplicated or lent out.  A fee of $15.00 will be charged for a duplicate key (which will only be issued if you lose your original key) or will be deducted from your final paycheck if you do not return your key to the Human Relations Coordinator at the time of check out.
TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT:  Corrington Enterprise’s employees in Corrington housing who are terminated or quit for any reason must leave housing within two days of termination and forfeit their security deposit.
TERMINATION OF HOUSING:  Individuals in Corrington housing or trailer parks who do not adhere to the above policies will become ineligible for housing in the future.
Corrington Enterprises LLC is not responsible for loss of personal items due to theft.
By signing here, I understand and agree to adhere to all housing policies stated above.  I understand that violation of the weapons, illegal drugs, and assault policies will result in immediate eviction.  I also understand that three warnings issued in violation of any of the other policies will result in disciplinary action and/or possible eviction from housing.

EMPLOYEE ‘TECHROBOTA.BG LTD.’ _______________________________________  DATE ___________________________

MANAGER _______________________________________  DATE  ___________________________

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