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Business Objects Consulting Services

Mr Big Data. Europe First Life Long Learning Environment in the new data economy & Business Objects Consulting Services in Europe. Innovent can guide you through the SAP Business Objects product choices to design a system that will fit your budget and meet your user’s expectations. … Universes. … Dashboards. … Web Intelligence (WEBI) … Crystal Reports. … Data Management. Book a free appointment today! Click “Here” Learn & Grow.


SAP Business Objects Consulting Services

SAP BusinessObjects is the world’s leading BI software company. BusinessObjects software helps organizations gain better insight into their business, improving decision making and enterprise performance. Innovent has helped clients to build business intelligence systems using both the BusinessObjects Enterprise and the BusinessObjects Edge systems. Innovent Solutions uses a proven approach to accelerate the installation, configuration and use of BusinessObjects products.

Business Objects XI 3.1 Lifecycle Policy

As stated in the SAP Business Objects Support Lifecycle Policy,  SAP provides five years of product support, starting from the general availability date of SAP Business Objects. In line with this policy, support for SAP BO XI 3.1 ends on December 31 12, 2019.

End of support XI 3.1

End of support means that SAP no longer provides technical support, including product and/or security updates, for all derivatives of a product or product version (localized versions, minor upgrades, operating systems, dot and double-dot releases, and connector products).


Mr Data strongly recommends that you update to the latest versions of SAP BO 4. By updating installations to the latest versions, you benefit from the latest functional enhancements and improved security measures.

What’s my best option for buying SAP BO ?

Subscription plans are the best way to take advantage of everything SAP BO 4  has to offer. New annual and month-to-month subscription plans make Acrobat DC more affordable than ever, while also giving you access to premium SAP BO  Document Cloud services. If you own Acrobat SAP BO  you also qualify for a reduced price when purchasing a perpetual (one-time) license. A one-time purchase includes desktop software and lets you work with Mr Data SAP BO  Cloud services only.

See the SAP BO  product comparison to review subscription and one-time purchase options. You can also view the SAP BO  version comparison to understand how SAP BO differs from previous versions.

Strategy and Architecture

Innovent can guide you through the SAP BusinessObjects product choices to design a system that will fit your budget and meet your user’s expectations. Starting with client goals, we work to create a road map that maximizes the value of your SAP BusinessObjects installation.


The heart and soul of most BusinessObjects installations are the Universes that are used to consolidate, organize, and aggregate data from multiple sources into a business-focused information repository. Innovent will help your team to design and develop Universes that are robust and maintainable.


Dashboards are one of the most highly sought after elements from business intelligence solutions. The ability to provide at-a-glance analysis, while supporting drill through navigation resonates with almost all information consumers. Innovent can help lead, manage, and facilitate the creation of dashboards for users of all types.

Web Intelligence (WEBI)

WEBI allows developers and business users to disseminate information contained within Universes. We help our clients to get the most from WEBI, guiding them through the design, development and delivery process that is critical to a successful WEBI based solution.

Crystal Reports

Many BI vendors focus on analysis and user defined reporting. Innovent has found that many end users just want formatted reports in ways that makes sense for their business function. Innovent can help your company to design and develop enterprise reports using SAP Crystal Reports. Innovent can help with report design, development, and lifecycle management of the reports.


Data Management

We can help you implement an appropriate data management foundation that can help you deliver integrated, accurate, and timely data – both structured and unstructured – across your organization. Our information management solutions help ensure you provide trusted data in the areas of business intelligence, data warehousing, data migration, and master data management. Our goal is to provide decision makers with accurate, relevant and actionable information, resulting in improved profitability, improved customer satisfaction and operation efficiency.

Utilizing Data Integrator, Data Quality and Metadata Manager we can work with you to make sure data is sourced correctly, ensure its quality, and provide the appropriate data architecture for effective reporting and analysis. Our consulting services address the following areas:

  • Integration of data from heterogeneous data sources
  • Data cleansing and profiling to improve data quality
  • Master data management
  • Metadata management to ensure data lineage and history
  • Management of information throughout its lifecycle to enhance governance and compliance’

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