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Business Objects Consultant

Register Now! SAP Business objects Consultant  course gives you the comprehensive reporting knowledge and real-project perspective ! SAP Business Objects  is a Business Intelligence Leader For the 7th Year In A Row. Access All Resources & Discover How To Improve Your Business.

SAP Business Objects Consultant Skills at Mr Data Amsterdam

Our consultants has

  • more then 6 years’ experience in SAP BO universe and webi development.
  • more then 3 years of hand on experience in SAP ERP systems
  • Strong experience in good data modeling understanding
  • Excellent good communication skills
  • Very good with universe using IDT
  • Excellent hand on experience with Lumira
  • Very good knowledge in SAP design Studio tools
  • Excellent in universe development using IDT
  • Good understanding about data model
  • Ability to define KPI
  • Experience with Offshore –onsite coordination
Business Objects Consultant
Business Objects Consultant

About Mr Data Business School


MR DATA, private Business School offers various modules with study training programmes providing; training, counseling and retraining for adults in the area of Big Data .



Community purpose

The social purpose of MR Data is to help people from a disadvantaged position into a better more prosperous position, in cooperation with municipalities, governments, workers’ rights organisations and councils. Mr Data aims to be by 2020 the largest private business school ranked number one across the whole of Europe in the area of Big Data.


Accelerate your career with this retraining in ICT & BI consulting and sign up for our training.


About SAP Business Objects company

BusinessObjects as an individual company has been in the forefront of Business Intelligence solutions even before its acquisition from the market leader SAP Labs. However since 2007, when the 6.78 billion dollar deal took place, its enterprise software solutions became clear market leaders almost to the extent of monopolizing the market – not due to shady shenanigans, but exclusively due its tremendous value for big corporations. We at Mr Data Business School are specialists in delivering online and in-house Business Objects trainings.

Business Objects Courses

Not surprisingly, Business objects user training has been in demand. Mr Data Consultants has experience of over 7 years in delivering Business Objects Courses.

There is no other reasonable outcome of the combination of top notch corporate solutions and the lack of software specific education in universities and colleges. While some knowledge about the foundations of business intelligence and reporting can be obtained in higher educational institutions, it often leaves much to be desired and SAP software-specific courses are created to fill in the gap.

No Business objects user training can be considered exhaustive if it does not teach the trainee the very basics of business intelligence. The foundational knowledge should be easy to digest, and ideally, only after that should the course purchaser be introduced to specific SAP Business Objects software products.

Depending on the specific needs some particular software-specific courses can be postponed by the trainee, since different people’s learning paths can vary. However the word “exhaustive” does suggest that user training for every single SAP product from the Business Objects Business Intelligence solutions suite should be available. The variety of said learning paths can be overwhelming, so please take a look at the examples below to see if you can recognize one that suits you or your employees most:

ETL Data Warehouse Concepts
ETL Data Warehouse Concepts

Web Intelligence and InfoView training

This is one of the exceptions for the rule mentioned above. While foundational knowledge would obviously never hurt, the combination of these two pieces of software provides the necessary knowledge for entry-level employees to get going, allowing them to gain the knowledge they would need with the experience they get. You can click here to download our free web intelligence training.

Anyway, understanding the software primitives such as classes, objects and universes and grasping concepts like layered structure (for the semantic layer), querying, reporting and data analysis can take less than a week. Additionally, studying reporting knowledge with the Java Report Panel would take no more than a week itself, and that period can be even trimmed down further, given prior knowledge in similar SAP Business Objects technologies such as Crystal Reports. That boils down Web Intelligence training to less than two weeks in the worst case scenario.

While the first glimpse at InfoView with all the navigation and workspace panel might evoke intimidation, organizing, managing and distributing documents using InfoView is as simple as it can be, and learning how to do it would add no more than another week to the professional training. So overall it really isn’t surprising that the Web Intelligence + InfoView combination is in such a high demand – the low cost in both time and financial resources can be easily justified.


Business Objects Crystal Reports Training

Often times studied on its own, the Crystal Reports software is another market leader in its niche. Its seamless integration with both Java Enterprise Edition solutions and Microsoft’s very own Visual Studio makes it an easy choice for most corporations. While the recent questionable modifications to its Terms and Conditions might discourage new customers from adopting and integrating this solution, legacy software systems alone make up for the majority of the market so the demand is unlikely to fall drastically.  On another note, you can watch now a free Crystal Reports training.

The Crystal Reports courses can be successfully targeted to software developers and database administrators.

Quality Crystal Reports courses would be crafted in a way that introduces even the least experienced employee to report creation in an easy to understand way. Meanwhile though, people with experience using Jasper Reports or Microstrategy should not feel like their time is being wasted.

The reporting solution by SAP provides many little tweaks and useful tools that make it unique amongst the others – so simply forgetting about the middle layer of abstraction would not make a Microstrategy specialist a Crystal reports professional – user training is a must.

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.x and Design Studio training

Professionals from various levels in the corporate hierarchy can benefit from Dashboards training. The ability to create engaging interactive dashboards can help not only business analysts do their jobs more efficiently. Please click here to sign up for a free web seminar on the subject.


Now, it is also suitable for managers and decision makers who might consider integrating the dashboards and their easily understandable and intuitive charts, graphs and widgets into their presentations for greater access to clear and understandable metrics. Not only does this make presentations more involving, it also helps testing out and predicting the outcomes of actions in future business scenarios.

SAP Dashboards has been considered as vastly superior to SAP Design Studio due to its ease of use and aesthetic appeal. However the flexibility that Design Studio provides makes it an important addition to the Dashboards software – and more often than not, user training courses are taken on both pieces of software in conjunction.

SAP Web Intelligence and Business Intelligence Information design tools and Universe design tools courses

While these tools make up a big portion of the SAP Business Objects suite, the courses on them are often times less than a week long. This once again suggests quick returns on the time, money and effort invested by trainees. A Business Intelligence specialist can help you in using web intelligence tools and be very effective at it.

Web courses on those are also available, and feedback on them has been mostly positive. Finding a good provider of such training is simple and the competition in the training niche is fierce – leading to outstanding quality.


It only makes sense for a big corporation that uses data extensively to make use of a great product suite such as SAP Business Objects. Since specific product knowledge is required with the vast majority of tools, Business Objects user training is in high demand. Suitable courses are widely available and acclaimed, and the overall small amounts of time required to take them, make them a great investment for corporate team leaders and employees alike.



Services at Mr. Data Amsterdam

  1. Business School
  2. Big Data Consulting
  3. SEO Service

Is this course suitable for me?

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to delve into the world of Big Data Analytics. We provide various trainings and courses in SAP, Big Data and Business Intelligence. We offer different modules at our Business School study in different forms and provide our consultants expertise in strategic issues.



MR DATA Amsterdam is located in Metropolis building on Weesperstraat 61 in Amsterdam. Spacious office space is spread over five storeys with a modern trendy feel. Our location is very easy to reach by public transport (metro stations Waterlooplein and Weesperstraat).


2. Retraining  BI Consultant Level 1

2.1 Summary

Accelerate your career with MR Data retraining in ICT / BI Consultant. In 50 intensive days you learn the basics of ERP / SAP, Business Intelligence and Web Analytics. You go hard to work with both reading, relevant case studies and the latest software products.

2.2 What is MR DATA, Private Business School?

Founder of MR DATA  

Mondy Holten graduated in 2004 in Business Information Systems at the Zuyd University and now has over 8 years experience in the Big Data industry. Since 2008, Mondy Holten has been working in complex international IT projects. In this period he has had experience with various systems such as SAP ERP, SAP Banking & Insurance, SAP BusinessObjects and Tableau. This experience he gained at companies such as Atos, Logica, Imperial Tobacco, COA, Nationale Nederlanden and XADAT.NL.

HR Partner

National HR manager MSc. Jolke Roozen is responsible for defining and implementing the local operational HR policies in line with the corporate strategic HRM policy. He is also responsible for placement processing at our customers as well as the business partner for the MT team. Jolke reports directy into the Managing director for the Netherlands. The students will work alongside him during the module ‘Application training for work’. Here he is responsible for guiding candidates to work through:

  • Soft skills training.
  • 31}m#RE0Ig` Raining.
  • Coaching candidates throught their applications.
  • Job market organisation.
  • Organising meetings between candidates and companies.
  • Supervising placements.
  • Contact with employers.

Msc. Jolke Roozen graduated in 2013 in Work and Organisational Psychology and Training and Development at the University of Amsterdam. Immediately after graduation he founded the company Apply Together, where he provides jobseekers’ training and coaching in their search for a new position. He is also founder of HR consultancy Unfurl. As a teacher Jolke has been affiliated with the University of Amsterdam and the Nyenrode New Business School. He is currently a professor at Amsterdam University in the training of Applied Psychology. He is partnered with Fadi Christian Adamo as a lead developer responsible for a part of our marketing and technical activities. In addition to his success in some Internet concepts such as Rent Foxx and he strengthens our team in delivering suitable candidates.


R&D Business Partner


Partner Kai Kain Bennink has his BSc. in Technology Management from the University of Groningen. Here Kai has specialised in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. His graduation project was conducted in the Dutch Gasunie N.V, conducting his thesis on Data Management for them, passing with an 8.

2.3 Our social contribution

MR Data Business School contributes to a well-known employment plan:

  • Minister Asscher “Retraining program for Amsterdam”
  • Helping to prevent job loss with the work-to-work program (
  • European Commission and data industry launch €2.5 billion partnership to master big data
  • Internship Projects


2.4 What problems will we solve with our training?

  • The increasing demand for Big Data & BI Specialists.
  • Reducing unemployment in the Netherlands and shortening the payment period from the UWV.
  • Preventative measures for those who face potential unemployment – these people can complete the retraining program outside of their current working hours.
  • Better match with supply and demand.
  • The opportunity for people in a disadvantaged background to retrain in a promising, growing sector.


2.5 Process/ Roadmap

  • Retraining program
  • Intensive, 50 days training
  • 18 week internship
  • Intensive coachin by employment specialists through: on the job training and guidance.
  • Evening classes for those who are currently working facing unemployment.
  • Saturday training for people who are currently in work facing unemployment.


2.6 Study overview

Our BI Consultant training consists of 11 modules of 40 hours. Through flexible teachers from industry, we will transfer our knowledge to you, the modules are as follows:

M1: ERP for beginners

M2: Performance Management

M3: Business Intelligence Tools

M4: Data Warehousing

M5: Business Intelligence Strategy

M6: Becoming a Business Analyst

M7: Data Visualisation

M8: Business Intelligence Competency Center

M9: Scrum Methodology

M10: Mobile Analytics

M11: Job training – preparing you to go out into the world with your new skill set.

M12: Dutch Course (A1, A2, B1)


2.7 Practical, relevant business school training

For us it is important that what you learn is relevant to the real world for what you’d perform in your future career. Because our trainers come with industry experience in their current role on a regular basis, they are best placed to pass on relevant up to date skills and knowledge. They also work on projects for MR DATA Amsterdam and will provide you with real life case studies they themselves have encountered or are currently working on!


3. Retraining ict / BI Consultant Level 1

2.1 MR DATA Business School Big Data & Consulting

MR Data offers training modules at differen level and for different audiences. Important reasons for choosing MR Data include:

  1. Individual training
  2. Flexible training 24/7/365
  3. The latest study material
  4. Training at your level, at your pace
  5. Certification
  6. Restaurant   (24/7/365)

4. Jobs for BI-consultant

Business Intelligence Jobs

1.coolblue, 2.Web Analist (kpn), 3.Business Intelligence Consultant (vodafone), 4.SAP Consultant (Mediq), 5. jr Business Intelligence consultant (Phind) 6. SAP BI Ciber 7. BI Consultant met ERP Kennis (schouw), 8 SAP BI Consultant (conclusion) 9. Business Intelligence Consultant (Blokker) 10. consultant IT (KPMG) 11. jr. Data Consultant (capgemini) 12. SAP Consultant (Ctac) 13. SAP Data Visualisatie Consultant 14. SAP BI Consultant (ordina) 15. Data analist 16. Marketing Data Analyst (vye) 17. Business Analist (Driscoll’s Of Europe) 18. Werk student Data (EY) 19. Data Analist (New media) 20. Business Intelligence Consultant (Bart Vink) 21. Hunkemoller (IT Data scientist 22. Data Analist (AFM) 23. Schuber Philis 24. Data Scientist (Watson / Kruidvat ) 25. Business Analyst (DHL), 26. SAP BI Team lead ( 27. SAP BI Consultant (Action) 28. Business Intelligence Consultant (menzis)


5. Salary for a BI Consultant


6. Reviews for MR DATA?

7. Training overview for ICT Retraining course/ BI Consultant


This document contains general information about Retraining and BI consultant training modules which are to be followed by the MR-Data Business School in Big Data. The Retraining Route/BI Consultant Level 1 contains three modules which will be briefly discussed.


If you have questions you can ask one of the training coordinators of MR Data Amsterdam. Homework will be published in our online training environment.

7.1 ERP Training

In this module you will learn all about ERP systems with an emphasis on market leading SAP. Through literature and case studies you will learn all aspects of the program and learn how data in a large enterprise is gathered. In the MR Data web learning environment you will produce relevant homework assignments and presentations.


7.2 Business Intelligence


BI training is dedicated to processing the data into more useful management information. Data visualisation plays an important role in this. You’re going to delve into software programs such as Tableau, Qlik and SAS Visual Analytics. Other topics we deal with are data warehousing, ETL, data mining and management dashboards.


7.3 Web Analytics

The last MR Data retraining module consists of Web Analytics, analysing the technical performance of a website, and how you can improve it. Another important topic will be Search Engine Optimisation. Programs that are covered include Google Analytics, Adwords, Hotjar and Lead Page.


8. Learning objectives for ICT retraining/ BI Consultant.

8.1 Objective


  • What is an ERP system?
  • How to use BI tools?
  • What is BI strategy?
  • What are Dashboards?
  • What is Data Mining?
  • Working with SCRUM
  • How does an SAP system work?
  • How do I work with Tableau?
  • How can I improve a website?
  • How can I improve the chances of the website being found?


8.2 MR DATA Framework

MR data framework is a collection of tools including templates and application components to the realisation of an effective data solution.


8.2 Training at MR Data

Through the training at MR data we want you to take your first steps into the world of IT, BI and Web Analytics. In addition to the modules already mentioned, we will also pay attention to your presentation abilities on the Internet, in interviews and in classical presentations.

The full-time training is based on three days of classes and home study two days a week.

In addition to the full-time study, there is also the possibility of an evening course. Please look on our website for more information on these classes.




9. About your Trainer    


Mr. Mondy Holten (05-01-1981)


Client focus BI Consultant, with 8+ years experience with SAP and Business Intelligence systems.

Business Information System background, Freelance SAP BI Consultant. Strong technical skill. This BI Developer Contractor whose main experience lies within translation of business requirements to ERP, DHW, ETL, SAP BI and risk reports. He has also hands-one experience with designing, building and or managing BI transformation projects to Business Objects 4, within Financial Industry,  and HR Risk Reports.


9.1 SAP BI Business Intelligence Experience Overview

  • Since 2008 experience as a SAP BI Business Intelligence Consultant
  • Good knowledge of SAP ECC 6 r/3 and data migration concepts
  • Experience with SAP BW processes,   Data Ware House Management (dwh), Extracting, Transfer and Loading (ETL) data from different sources systems, Data Quality Management, SAP BW Testing EDW, ETL Tools such as SAP BW and SAP BODS.
  • RDBS / Database (DB): Oracle, SQL Server, MS Acces, Business Objects Data Services
  • Analyzing information, project management, full cycle project implementation
  • Functional design, technical design, Testing, Use manuals, user training
  • BI Platform SAP Netweaver with BW : Data Modeling, DBconnect, Data flows, process chains, Master data
  • Experience to guide & Lead various projects teams on Offshore BI implementation
  • Analyzing of ABAP development statements
  • Knowledges of Web Intelligence, universe design, Information Design Tool, design studio

9.2 Industry experience Mondy Holten

  • Financial Services
  • Retail Sector
  • HR department
  • Manufacturing Industry  

9.3 SAP Project Management Experience

  • Prince 2, Scrum, RFI, RFO, RFP
  • Data Management
  • Performance Management, KPI, financial reporting


9.4 Work experience

Industry Experience Company Name Function Location Period
Business Intelligence XADAT Business Intelligence Consultant SAP BW BO BI Sofia, Bulgaria, Amsterdam 2015-present
Financial Banking & Insurance M Mobile Solutions


Business Intelligence Consultant SAP BW BO BI Rotterdam 2015-2015
Manufacturing M Mobile Solutions

Imperial Tobacco

BI Business Analyst / Information Analyst Friesland 2014-2015
Retail M Mobile Solutions IT Services Amsterdam 2012-2014
HR Share Service Centre (SSC) Locica / CGI, IT Services Business Intelligence Consultant SAP HR BI Rotterdam 2011-2012
HR Share Service Centre (SCC) Atos, IT Partner Business Intelligence SAP HR / HCM / BI / BO/ BW Utrecht, 2008-2010
Logistics MRO Industries IT Business Analyst / Consultant Weert 2005-2008


10. Training Level

We use the ‘International Qualification Framework” for training people with different backgrounds, different jobs and different levels of applicable knowledge and skills. Through this way of working, everybody has the opportunity to reach his or her desired level. It gives you the opportunity to study in a flexible manner. We take into account your work situation, personal circumstances and the knowledge of Information Management. You can see in the model below the levels which we at MR Data use.


Levels Name Focus
Level 1 Awareness – Understanding concepts

– Learning by reading

– Learning by watching  

– Learning by writing

Level 2 Principles – Learning by doing

– Learning by Using software system

– Learning by sharing

– Learning by Testing theory

Level 3 Intermediate – Learning by using work Experience

– Learning by using theory + Sharing knowledge

Level 4 Academic – Learning by using work Experience

– Learning by using theory

– Sharing knowledge


10.1 Deadline(s) & Homework:

Level: ____________________


Portfolio Assignment: ____________________


Homework is published on in the relevant week. It is not allowed to do the homework for future weeks in advance.


10.2 Books:

Reading materials will be available on


10.3 Videos:

Video materials will be available on



11. Results of your training Business Objects Training

When you have completed the retraining training successfully, you will receive the official certificate MR Data BI Consultant.

11.1 Teaching methods (Face-to-face, distance learning)

At Mr. Data, we take an interactive teaching method. Assignments, training materials and videos can all be found in the brand new e-learning environment. You will also receive a syllabus with relevant up to date curriculum related to Business Intelligence and Web Analytics. The contents of the syllabus will be tested. In addition, we will be working on real life case studies, presentations and other assignments, this will also be tested.


12. Training times Business Objects 

Daytime training:



Evening training:



Saturday training:





13. MR Data is ready to help you!


Weesperstraat 61

1018 VN Amsterdam, NL



Appendix 1: Big Data Jobs

1.coolblue, 2.Web Analist (kpn), 3.Business Intelligence Consultant (vodafone), 4.SAP Consultant (Mediq), 5. jr Business Intelligence consultant (Phind) 6. SAP BI Ciber 7. BI Consultant met ERP Kennis (schouw), 8 SAP BI Consultant (conclusion) 9. Business Intelligence Consultant (Blokker) 10. consultant IT (KPMG) 11. jr. Data Consultant (capgemini) 12. SAP Consultant (Ctac) 13. SAP Data Visualisatie Consultant 14. SAP BI Consultant (ordina) 15. Data analist 16. Marketing Data Analyst (vye) 17. Business Analist (Driscoll’s Of Europe) 18. Werk student Data (EY) 19. Data Analist (New media) 20. Business Intelligence Consultant (Bart Vink) 21. Hunkemoller (IT Data scientist 22. Data Analist (AFM) 23. Schuber Philis 24. Data Scientist (Watson / Kruidvat ) 25. Business Analyst (DHL), 26. SAP BI Team lead ( 27. SAP BI Consultant (Action) 28. Business Intelligence Consultant (menzis)


Demand for data experts to double by 2017


@NeelieKroesEU said “Data is the motor and foundation of the future economy. Every kind of organisation needs the building blocks to boost their performance, from farm to factory, from the lab to the shop floor.”


European Commission and data industry launch €2.5 billion partnership to master big data

The European Commission and Europe’s data industry have committed to invest €2.5 billion in a public-private partnership (PPP) that aims to strengthen the data sector and put Europe at the forefront of the global data race.


Mastering big data could mean:

    • up to 30% of the global data market for European suppliers;


  • 100,000 new data-related jobs in Europe by 2020;


  • 10% lower energy consumption, better health-care outcomes and more productive industrial machinery.

Source: European Commision


Appendix 2: Why retraining to Business Objects ?

Reducing the amount of social benefits that the Dutch government would potentially have to pay for those people who are facing the threat of unemployment.


  1. Korte doorlooptijd van dreiging tot uitkering naar werk, zoals:
    1. ING Bank are making 1400 redundancies in the next 2 years
    2. Layoff’s in V&D
    3. Ballast Nedam Social plan (Ballast Nedam 2016)
    4. ING Bank’s Social plan (ING 2016-2017)
    5. Makro Social plan (Makro 2016-2017-2018)
    6. The National lottery social plan (National lottery/ Lotto 2016)
    7. Vivat Social plan (Vivat 2016) (ending december 31st 2016)
    8. ABN Amro Social plan
    9. RBS
    10. Achmea
    11. NN / Delta Loyed


Appendix 3: Why not do a 4 year program?


  • Most  Universities don’t teach their students up-to-date study material
    • Old study techniques and methodologies
    • Old study material, universities changes their training every 1460 days
  • Degree of students do not match the needs of employers
  • 4 years universities cannot follow the fast changes in technology. MR DATA Amsterdam provides two month’s training inhouse and 10 months on the job.





We deliver 3 Big Data services:

  1. Business School
  2. Consulting
  3. Google Ranking Remote Support


  1. We create new skills for our students to learn and grow in the big data industry.
  2. We help our clients to making better decisions based on Big Data technology.
  3. We deliver remote support for Big and Search Enginering Optimalisation, SEO



  • Dashboards
  • Tree maps, charts, bar char
  • Google Ads, Content writing



Our vision is to be “first” and “biggest” life long learning environment in the Big Data industry for our student and clients in Europe.


What is Big Data?

Big data is being generated by everything around us at all times in phones, computers, cars, and buildings.

Big data is arriving from multiple sources and systems. To extract meaningful value from big data, you need optimal processing power, analytics capabilities and skills.


BIG DATA Business School Consulting Remote Support
Vision To let our “students” grow by education in Big Data Technology for a better future, planet, and profit To let our “clients” grow by consulting in Big Data Technology for a better future, planet, and profit To let our “clients” grow by remote support in Big Data Technology for a better future, planet, and profit


MR DATA – Retrain for a New Job or Career


MR DATA Amsterdam solves the problems with a retraining program for a new job or career, for the following reasons:

  • Receiving—or eligible to receive—unemployment benefits.
  • Have exhausted unemployment benefits within the past four years.
  • Formerly self-employed and currently unemployed due to general economic conditions.
  • Unemployed veteran discharged within the past four years.
  • Upgrade your skills to remain employed in your current job.



  • Tuition assistance, books, and fees for those who qualify.
  • Education & Training in Big SAP course training.
  • Job search assistance and job placement  


Job opportunities after the full course


This student will be ready to start at top 500 companies that use SAP ERP system, for example: Philips, Shell, Heineken, ASML, DSM, Nike, Adidas.


  • Assist customers with analysing complex data sets, and developing prototypes and production systems to
  • Help find trends and patterns in data, present results in meaningful visualisations
  • Assist customers in understanding their data and information needs.


Course overview  MR DATA

  • ERP,
  • Performance Management,
  • Business Intelligence Tools,
  • Data WareHousing,
  • Business Intelligence Strategy,
  • Business Analyst, Data Visualisation,
  • Scrum,
  • Business Intelligence Competency Center,
  • Mobile Analytics,
  • Sap Business Objects,
  • Tableau



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