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Microsoft power bi certification cost

1. Introduction to Power BI Desktop by XADAT.NL University, Mr Data Business School & Developers


1.1 The Microsoft Self-Service Business Intelligence Solution

1.1.1 How Import Data from Diverse Sources
1.1.2 How to Model Your Data
1.1.3 How to Creating Dashboards and Reports
1.1.4 How to use Power BI Desktop Files

1.2 Installing Power BI Desktop

1.2.1 Removing Power BI Desktop

1.2.2 Running Power BI Desktop

1.3 A First Power BI Desktop Dashboard

1.3.1 Loading the Source Data

1.4 The Data Load Process

1.4.1 The Navigator Window

1.4.2The Navigator Data Preview

1.4.3Modifying Data

1.5 The Power BI Desktop Window

1.6 Your First Visualizations

1.6.1 Display Available Fields

1.6.2 Add a Matrix of Sales per Country by Year

1.6.3 Add a Column Chart of Delivery Charge by Model

1.6.4 Add a Map of Labor Cost by Country

1.6.5 Add a Card Showing the Total Cost of Spare Parts

1.6.6 Add a Slicer by Make

1.6.7 Arranging the Dashboard

1.7 Interactivity in Dashboards

1.8 Creating and Modifying Reports

1.8.1 Adding Pages

1.8.2 Renaming Pages

1.8.3 Deleting Pages

1.8.4 Moving Pages

1.8.5 Duplicating Pages

1.8.6 Scrolling through Collections of Pages

1.9 Importing Excel and Power View Items

1.10 Conclusion

2. Discovering and Loading Data with Power BI Desktop by XADAT.NL University, Mr Data Business School & Developers

2.1 Data Sources

2.1.1 File Sources

2.1.2 Databases

2.1.3 Azure

2.1.4 Other Sources

2.2 Loading Data

2.2.1 Web Pages

2.2.2 CSV Files

2.2.3 Text Files

2.2.4 XML Files

2.2.5 Excel

2.2.6 Microsoft Access Databases

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