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‘Mr Data Business School’ analyzing Job of the future by 2050 and helping ‘students’ and ‘customers’  to creating a better future for people, planet and profit by Life Long Learning (IOT) Products and Services in the Big Data Industry. The world in changing. Every can reading:

“Cars will also become mobile technology platforms linking data to other services, such as healthcare. Obviously privacy issues abound, but cars could become useful data-collection and delivery points. Indeed, in the future all cars will be automatically tracked from space, making no journey entirely private.” 

Source: EUROPEAN COMMISSION Directorate-General for Research and Innovation Directorate B – European Research Area Unit B.5. – Social Sciences and Humanities.

Could a robot do your job?

New data from research house AlphaBeta provides the answer. Search to find your job — if you’re game. By Joshua Byrd, Ben Spraggon, Margot O’Neill and Matt Liddy


‘Analytics has a role in the legal world’


European Data Economy

‘”Data-driven innovation is a key driver of growth and jobs that can significantly boost European competitiveness in the global market. If the right framework conditions are put in place, the European data economy could double by 2020.”








New Jobs





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