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How to build a competency center ? Call Mr Data BI Developers

1. Start with a strategic mission.

Don’t think of it as a “BI Technology Center”; the BICC should be a repository of knowledge and capabilities around BI applications and priorities. Most importantly, the mission should be guided by high-level strategic goals that cut across the organization.

The whole point is making it strategic and repeatable,” says Gartner analyst Bill Hostmann. “The BICC should promote the idea of using information to make better decisions and to manage the performance of the business.”

Work with the BICC team to clearly spell out a written charter that will guide the BICC and make the mission clear to others. The BICC can then promote a shared vision, shared approach and shared technologies whether the project(s) at hand deals with the call center, marketing, financial management, the supply chain, manufacturing or human resource initiatives.

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