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HomeDestinationsMore destinations Cities from A-Z Cities from A-Z View the best places in Holland here, from A to Z. Discover unique places, from Medieval Hanseatic towns to coastal towns and from star-shaped fortified towns to student cities with impressive architecture. What city is right for you? Aalsmeer Aalsmeer Aalsmeer is located right in the middle of Holland’s flower growing region. Read more Almere Almere A new city full of architectonic highlights. Read more Alphen aan den Rijn Alphen aan den Rijn Alphen aan den Rijn is located in the middle of the Green Heart. Read more Amersfoort Amersfoort Amersfoort has a compact city centre that is just perfect for a day on the town. Read more Amsterdam Amsterdam Visit Amsterdam and enjoy the canals, museums, and historic architecture. Read more Apeldoorn Apeldoorn Apeldoorn is a city surrounded by natural beauty in the province of Gelderland. Read more Arnhem Arnhem Discover Arnhem and enjoy beautiful museums, the Fashion District, and many wonderful restaurants. Read more Assen Assen Discover the beautiful capital of the province of Drenthe. Read more Bergen aan Zee Bergen aan Zee Picturesque seaside town with beautiful beaches, dunes, and art fairs! Read more Bloemendaal Bloemendaal Hip beach cafes and Ibiza-like surroundings are to be found in Bloemendaal Read more Breda Breda Discover the welcoming, fun-loving city of Breda with its rich historic Nassau monuments. Read more Cadzand Cadzand Beautiful dune region and wonderful beaches in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Read more Delft Delft Enjoy this university city with its museums, canals and churches. Read more Den Bosch Den Bosch Discover this pleasure-loving city and learn more about the painter Jeroen Bosch. Read more Deventer Deventer Discover this historic Hanseatic city and its many monuments. Read more Doesburg Doesburg One of Holland’s most important fortified towns. Read more Doetinchem Doetinchem Discover the history and convivial atmosphere of this old city. Read more Domburg Domburg Expore historic Domburg, the oldest seaside resort in Zeeland. Read more Dordrecht Dordrecht Visit Holland’s oldest city with over 1,000 monuments in a unique wetland environment. Read more Edam Edam For most people Edam is synonymous with cheese. Read more Eindhoven Eindhoven Discover this light and design city and enjoy its unique architecture. Read more Elburg Elburg Visit the many historic buildings, museums and cafes and restaurants in this old Hanseatic town. Read more Enkhuizen Enkhuizen A small town packed with historical buildings and monuments. Read more Giethoorn Giethoorn Visit ‘The Venice of Holland’ and enjoy the sight of unique farms from the water’s surface. Read more Gouda Gouda Discover the city of cheese Gouda with its beautiful historic city centre and monuments. Read more Groningen City Groningen City Discover the bustling student city with its many historic buildings and museums. Read more Haarlem Haarlem Discover Haarlem and visit the beautiful museums, great shopping streets and wonderful restaurants. Read more Harderwijk Harderwijk Historic Hanseatic town on IJsselmeer lake with many monuments and excellent restaurants. Read more Hasselt Hasselt This Hanseatic town is also known as Little Amsterdam. Read more Hattem Hattem The charming, historic Hanseatic town in the Veluwe region. Read more Heerenveen Heerenveen Centuries-old city full of monuments in a stunning landscape. Read more Heusden Heusden Heusden is a beautiful fortified city, the center of which is full of little boutiques, art galleries, restaurants and attractive squares. Read more Hindeloopen Hindeloopen Picturesque coastal village with unique traditions, historical sights and a seafaring past. Read more Hoorn Hoorn The former VOC town has a great beach at the IJsselmeer lake. Read more Kampen Kampen Discover the Hanseatic town of Kampen with a rich history and over 500 monuments. Read more Katwijk Katwijk Some seaside resorts attract visitors in both summer and winter. Read more All Dutch cities In a small country like Holland, you’ll find a very diverse range of cities. Whatever it is you like – historical buildings or modern architecture, a place by the beach or bon-vivant life – in Holland, you’ll always find a city that is right for you. Places by the beach Along the entire coastline of Holland, you’ll find beautiful places. Spend the day lying on the beach, or stroll along the boulevard and enjoy the restaurants and bars in the evening. Does this appeal to you? Then take a look at Cadzand, Bloemendaal or Bergen aan Zee, or view the entire overview of the best seaside resorts in Holland. Dive into history Holland has a rich past. Thanks to its lively trade in the Middle Ages, cities like Kampen, Zwolle and Hasselt were built. These cities were part of the Hanseatic League: a cooperative between various Dutch and other European cities. Discover old crafts When you think of Holland, you think of cheese and the cheese markets where this Dutch delicacy is traded in a traditional way. If you would like to visit a cheese market, go to such cities as Gouda, Edam or Alkmaar. But Holland has more old crafts. Along IJsselmeer lake, formerly Zuiderzee sea, many people lived off fishing, and you can still visit the authentic fishing villages in this region. Volendam may well be the best known among them, but places like Monnickendam, Urk and Marken are also certainly worth a visit. Taste the atmosphere in the student cities In student cities, it’s always lively. Bars are open every day of the week, and there’s always a party going on somewhere. The Dutch students cities are characterized by a multitude of listed buildings, museums and a broad range of cafes and restaurants. Visit Leiden, Groningen, Delft or Maastricht where, even if you’re not a student yourself, you can enjoy everything that these cities have to offer. Search hotels Logo View hotel selection Kijkduin Kijkduin A hidden pearl near The Hague for those who love a quiet day at the beach. Read more Leeuwarden Leeuwarden Leeuwarden boasts over 600 monuments. Read more Leiden Leiden Bustling university city with beautiful canals, inner courtyards and museums. Read more Lelystad Lelystad Find out what the capital of Flevoland has to offer. Read more Lisse Lisse Visit Lisse and discover the heart of the flower-bulb region amid the beautiful flower fields and Keukenhof! Read more Maastricht Maastricht Like no other city, Maastricht knows how to charm you and treat you to the good things in life. Read more Marken Marken Old traditions are still alive on Marken. Stroll through the harbor and see the authentic wooden houses. Read more Middelburg Middelburg Sense the wealthy past of this former trading city. Read more Monnickendam Monnickendam A small town with a grand history. Read more Naarden Naarden One of the best preserved fortified towns in Europe. Read more Nijmegen Nijmegen Discover Nijmegen, one of the oldest cities in Holland, and enjoy plenty of culture and a welcoming atmosphere. Read more Noordwijk Noordwijk A wonderful, versatile seaside resort with a lovely historic centre. Read more Oostkapelle Oostkapelle Old-fashioned fun at the beach combined with contemporary activities. Read more Ouddorp Ouddorp Ouddorp is a perfect seaside town for families: beaches, nature and space. Read more Renesse Renesse 21 kilometres of beaches, lovely sea water, and plenty of entertainment! Read more Rotterdam Rotterdam Discover the beautiful port city with its unique architecture and forward-looking culture. Read more Scheveningen Scheveningen Visit the most popular seaside resort and enjoy countless activities and sports. Read more Sneek Sneek The water sports capital of Friesland. Read more The Hague The Hague Visit the beautiful court city with its countless museums, shops and welcoming restaurants. Read more The white town of Thorn The white town of Thorn Visit this special town known for its white houses. Read more Tilburg Tilburg Discover its museums, great shopping streets and excellent restaurants. Read more Utrecht Utrecht Discover the welcoming historic inner city and enjoy the green surroundings. Read more Valkenburg aan de Geul Valkenburg aan de Geul The small municipality Valkenburg is a tourist attraction on its own. Read more Venlo Venlo Explore one of the oldest cities in Holland. Read more Vlissingen Vlissingen Lots of beaches, a wealth of history, plenty of entertainment: this is Vlissingen! Read more Volendam Volendam Discover this ancient fishing village just north of Amsterdam. Read more Workum Workum Discover the beautiful, water-rich Workum, one of the Frisian Eleven Cities. Read more Zaandam Zaandam Discover Zaandam. A typical North Holland town near the Zaanse Schans to the north of Amsterdam. Read more Zandvoort Zandvoort Enjoy beautiful beaches, a welcoming ambiance and the racetracks. Read more Zierikzee Zierikzee A beautiful, historic town with many monuments. Read more Zutphen Zutphen Magnificent Hanseatic town with countless monuments. Read more Zwolle Zwolle Zwolle is a lively Hanseatic city with a Medieval centre, many shops and plenty of culinary treats. Read more Travelling from Other countries Your keyword Search Home YOUR OFFICIAL GUIDE FOR VISITING HOLLAND. 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